MEIN 163 exhibits the Project’s first 3D printed toy

MEIN 163 exhibits the Project’s first 3D printed toy

MEIN163 is undoubtedly one of the most prolific graffiti artists to call Joburg City home.

MEIN, aka Chowmein, is most well-known for his iconic noodle boxes that pop up across the city on street corners, highway spots and other seemingly neglected spaces, however these are simply the garnish on top.

Highly proficient in all aspects of graffiti, from tags to elaborate murals, MEIN is an innovator of letter style. His work is undeniably distinctive and a clear reflection of the influences he draws from skateboarding culture, the city and the people that inhabit it.

Observing his paintings the viewer is led to reimagine letter forms through the shapes and forms commonly found in the urban environment the works exist in. Hard crisp edges, architectural structures, skateable objects, and hues of grey are recurring elements found across both his street and studio work. Similarly whether for the public space or gallery his work is executed with obsessive precision, no detail is overlooked, and carefully considered composition is imperative.

MEIN succeeds where many fail, he flawlessly transmits the same raw graffiti energy of a basic street piece in a studio painted canvas that borders on abstraction.

He is an active and dedicated artist, always exploring and refining his art through continuously striving to redefine the perceived constructs of our environment.