Growing from the early inspiration of graffiti Slegh experienced while riding trains commuting to high school, he now uses a diverse array of mediums, including spray paint, acrylics, printmaking, digital illustration, animation and even embroidery to create his work. Initially focused on letters, in recent years Slegh has shifted his focus to encompass a wide range of themes, deeply rooted in his surroundings and culture. With a commitment to showcasing the beauty of South Africa, his work is in some ways a reaction against the dismissal of local talent in favour of international trends. Influenced by graffiti, African art, pop culture, psychedelics and everyday life, his pieces resonate with a unique blend of humor and cultural commentary. Notable works include the iconic “Taxi Piece” in Woodstock and the digital illustration “The New Sheriff.”


As the show name suggests, veins of darkness run through what may at first glance appear to be a humorous body of work. Slegh’s first solo exhibition showcases work created in various mediums over the past few years ranging from paintings, screenprints, embroidery, animation, sculpture and more. The show revolves around his recurring dolphin character ‘Krinky Winky’ who has been the dominant subject in most of street and studio work since 2017. Slegh uses the dolphin as a mechanism to process life and experiment with different mediums and materials, he has dubbed it ‘Existential Dolphinism’. Drawing from his roots in graffiti culture, cartoons, street life, and even pop art Slegh tells tails of his experience of life in modern South Africa.