Rekso is a name familiar to any South African graffiti enthusiast.

Based in Johannesburg and painting actively for the last 15 years he has earned the respect of his peers with his unique bold style of colourful characters and meticulous execution. Whether on his own or with fellow Quest Crew members, his paintings jump off the walls they inhabit and capture the attention of any passerby.

However this does not entirely define him as an artist as it is only one side of the multiple talents and skills he possesses.

Starting at a young age drawing cartoons and copying comics he refined his drawing abilities into his teens at which point he discovered graffiti. This new medium allowed him to explore his creativity and put him on the path to becoming an artist.

He studied graphic design and worked as a creative and illustrator in the advertising industry before persuing his passion for tattooing. In 2015 he joined the prestigious 1933 Classic Tattoos in Braamfontein where he is a resident artist.

Rekso’s experience in such a wide variety of creative fields as well as his exceptional ability to be comfortable in multiple mediums is undeniable in his work. Especially adept in aerosol paint, digital painting, pencils and graphic markers his pieces are highly rendered and detailed. The imagery he creates is an exploration of natural forms with an emphasis on animals and the female form.

Le Hond’s style is a clear reflection of his diverse creative background, a refined mix of influences takes him into a realm bordering on the surreal with the focus being on the real.


Pasop, meaning ‘beware’ or ‘watch out”, is an Afrikaans word in origin however it crosses the language barrier for most people living in South Africa, regardless of their ability in Afrikaans, it’s meaning is very clear.

The reason for this familiarity is that the most common place one would see the word ‘pasop’ is on “Beware of the Dog” security signs, “Pasop vir die hond” in Afrikaans. These signs, in various shapes and sizes, adorn the gates of residential and commercial properties and are meant to signal to any criminals that there are one or more dangerous dogs on that property who do not take lightly to unwelcome guests on their turf. The layout and graphics may vary but the contents of the signs are always the same, the text “Beware” or “Beware of the dog” in one or more languages accompanied by some sort of graphic of an aggressive dog. In years gone by “PASOP!” would jump out at you more often than not when walking the streets, these days however you’re more likely to see a security company sign in it’s place.

Rekso le Hond, is a keen lover of dogs, his name alone is a clear indication of that. Rekso being the reverse of Osker, his beloved dog that sadly passed away, and Hond the Afrikaans word for dog which has also been adapted as a localised version of “dawg”, the American slang word for a friend.

In the context of Rekso’s debut solo exhibition, “PASOP!” is not a warning to go away but rather an invitation into what lurks on the other side of these signs, an adventure in to the world of Le Hond.

In this show you will discover a dog of many abilities, old tricks and new ones, always friendly unless he’s angry, sometimes happy sometimes sad, gentle if you’re good and aggressive if you’re not. No matter what dog you encounter you’ll most likely be able to relate to what you find.