RASTY : It’s about time

RASTY : It’s about time

Time is money, time waits for no one, the time is now.

Time is spoken about in many ways, the context defines our perception of it.

There is the passing of time as we experience it on a daily basis, seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on. This time is live, we can watch it tick by on a clock, we have no control over it, and it is consistent into infinity, or at least appears to be.

Then there is the notion of spending time as a commodity. In this context we see time as our effort and focus invested into a particular task or challenge, out of this time spent comes some form of reward, it could be in the form of a financial exchange or simply for personal satisfaction. A person puts time into learning skills to ultimately master a craft or trade. This craft can then be practised as a hobby or pursued as a career. This kind of time we can control, generally speaking the more time we put in the more reward we get out.

In addition to these two concepts of time we also speak about a moment or moments in time. This usually refers to an action or event that has either passed, happening currently, or possibly occurring in the future. It is in this context that we would use the phrase “it’s about time”, and by that we would mean that a particular moment in time was being waited on for a long period of time.

This same phrase could however also be read more literally, for instance as a simple description of a book explaining time theory.